Bolesławieckie Refractory Works

BZMO [Bolesławieckie Refractory Works] was founded in 1947 as a state enterprise. During its existence, the company focused on and operated in two basic directions. One was the mining and processing of raw clay and quartz, while the other included production of refractory materials. The 2002 privatization initiated a process of restructuring and modernization of the company. Recent years have been for us a period of introducing new solutions and technologies in both operation profiles

panorama BZMO Bolesławiec


In the field of refractory materials, we offer a state-of-the-art castables, as well as gunning, whipping and mortar mass. Our castables production line is fully automated, which allows manufacturing the highest quality products. A significant part of the production includes precast refractory materials, custom-manufactured according to Customers’ drawings or our in-house documentation. A recently built modern electric furnace allows annealing the precast castables units under strict, factory-controlled conditions, resulting in achieving high product standards. Our highly qualified staff has extensive experience and is able to offer advice to our Customers in terms of the design and selection of materials used in thermal systems..

masa ceramiczna formowana przez dłoń


The other segment of our activity is the production of high-quality enriched clay for the ceramic industry. The clay is manufactured with raw loamy material from our Czerwona Woda mine. In order to use the deposit resources, a new clay enrichment Plant was built in 2006. Therefore, we get a raw white firing clay with top stable parameters. The product is offered for sale as cut filter cakes. Good rheological and strength properties, as well as a high level of whiteness after firing allows the product to be widely applied in ceramic industry, primarily in the production of ceramic sanitary devices, tiles and ceramic art. The size of the mineral deposit is estimated at tens of years of operation.