BZMO is a modern raw. loamy-clay enrichment plant, which even as early as the initial project stage, was designed exclusively for manufacturers of various kinds of ceramics. The key idea which inspired us during the design of the technological enrichment process was the acquisition of raw material with the most natural composition. We were able to accomplish this and the process of enrichment is carried out without any chemicals additives. Thus the raw material we acquire retains all its natural properties. Even a small content of our raw material in bulk results in improved performance parameters of molding and casting, which is highly appreciated by our existing Customers by using it in production processes of ceramic sanitary equipment, ceramic tiles, consumer stoneware products and ceramic goods.

wydobycie surowców ceramicznych

The unique properties of the raw material

Enriched clays

Advantageous rheological properties

High level of whiteness after firing

Good burning properties

White quartz sand

Awarded Certificate of Hygiene issued by the National Institute of Hygiene

Dry quartz plastics

Made of refractory clay with the addition of lean sand. Used for linings in foundries (the so-called cupolas) and plastic version as dry mix.