We strive to constantly improve our products and broaden their range through direct

consultation with the Customer and collaboration with other industry organizations

operating in the field of refractories and ceramics.

With the daily cooperation with Polish and foreign contractors, we continue

gaining new knowledge and recognition of what constitutes quality!

Bolesławieckie Zakłady Materiałów Ogniotrwałych Sp. z o. o. [Boleslawiec Refractory Materials Plants Ltd] is a leader among manufacturers of aluminosilicate refractory products in Poland

To meet the expectations of our Customers, designers and contractors, we offer innovative technology solutions for refractory materials.

Anwalt im Büro

Anwalt im Büro

An important position in BZMO production program are specialized refractory castables made to order for individual industries, such as the steel, foundry, power or ceramic. This group includes monolithic concrete lining resistant to liquid aluminum and copper, and prefabricated concrete where the Customers are major manufacturers of construction ceramics, waste incineration plants or steel mills. By working closely with the Customers, our company is constantly expanding its product range.

Reliability and the highest quality of our products are the result of a long tradition combined with modern technology.

The Department of Quality Control and Technology has consistently pursued the modernization process which included two production departments. This is evidenced by our obtaining and maintenance of the high performance, quality and resistance of our materials.